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Medical Eyecare

Calgarians of all ages can benefit from optometric services. Avoiding long waits in an emergency room is just one of the many reasons to visit your optometrist for eye emergencies and other conditions considered medically necessary exams and procedures.

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Medically necessary exams are covered for all ages with an Alberta Health card.

What is medically necessary?

  • Monitoring for diabetes and glaucoma issues
  • Retinal detachment, defects and diseases
  • Eye infections or injuries
  • Inflammation of the eyelid
  • Foreign objects in your eye
  • Sudden changes in vision
  • Pre and Post-operative care for cataract patients
Regular annual eye examinations (ex: to check or update a glasses/contacts prescription) are not considered to be Medically Necessary, and as such are not covered by Alberta Health except for select groups (children 0-18 and seniors 65+).

Out-of-province visitors

Certain provinces (i.e. Quebec) may reimburse the patient for out-of-province medically necessary vision expenses. However patients from out of province must pay for services up front and may apply for reimbursement to their home province.