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Eye Exams for Teens

Teens have increased visual demands that require regular eye health and vision examinations by an optometrist. Eye exams up to age 18 are covered annually with an Alberta Health Care card.

Teens have unique visual demands; increased strain from tablets, computers and books, plus smart board demands in the classroom can all lead to eyestrain. Optimal vision correction can help to reduce avoidance of near point activities and improve concentration in the classroom. Active teens may require further assessment for sports needs such as protective eyewear or contact lenses.

Teens will also benefit from the latest non-glare lenses to help reduce reflections and visual fatigue from overhead lights.

Teens & Contact Lenses

Contact lenses can safely be worn at any age; however, contact lenses are best for those with a willingness to care for and wear contact lenses properly. During a contact lens fitting appointment, our optometrists will work with your teen to show him or her how to insert, remove and care for their contact lenses.

Even full-time contact lens wearers will require a backup pair of prescription eyewear because it is important to give your eyes a regular break from contact lenses.

Teens & Prescription Eyewear

Getting teens excited about their eyewear is the #1 way to ensure they will actually wear them at school. At Modern Eye we have sourced a vast array of the very best youth eyewear collections. Beyond sourcing cool, stylish and on-trend frames, we pay special attention to the fit. Teens often require a smaller fit of frames or a more versatile frame for their demanding lifestyle.

Teens & Driver’s License

Getting a driver’s license is a major milestone in a teen’s life. A comprehensive eye exam should be completed prior to obtaining a drivers license to ensure optimal visual acuity for driving. A vision screening at the motor vehicle registry is not a substitute for an eye exam. Vision screenings only test for the minimum vision standards.

Teens & Sunglasses

It is estimated that over 80% of our lifetime UV exposure occurs before age twenty. UV light (primarily from direct sunlight and reflected sunlight on water, sand, snow and roads) makes sunglasses essential for protecting young eyes. Every teenager should own a pair of quality sunglasses that are verified to 100% UV protection.