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Kids Lens Program

Two pairs of lenses for the price of one!

Kids 16 and under receive 2 pairs of lenses with anti-reflective coating starting at $129!

The second set of lenses can be used right away for a second pair of glasses, or any time within 16 months of purchase.

Options available for photochromic (lenses darken in sunlight), anti-fatigue and blue light protection (added cost).

What is included

  • The lightest lens material available
  • Superior scratch resistance
  • Sharp, clear vision
  • Impact resistance
  • UV protection
  • Easy to clean

Impact protection

Made with premium lens material (Trivex). Our kids lenses are highly impact resistant, strong and scratch resistant.

UV protection

Just as skin needs sunscreen, children’s eyes need protection from harmful UV radiation.

  • 80% of a person’s lifetime of UV exposure occurs by age 18
  • Children’s eyes are more vulnerable to sun exposure than adult eyes
  • Our kids lenses block UV and protect sensitive young eyes from the sun

Thin and Lightweight

Conventional lenses can feel heavy and awkward on a child’s face.

  • Eye-M-Growing lenses are extra light weight.
  • Discomfort with glasses can affect physical and athletic performance
  • Lighter lenses are more likely to stay in place and prevent them from sliding down.

Visual Clarity

Children need visual clarity to thrive in everything they do.

  • Studying and reading
  • Athletic and active activities
  • In a classroom or group activity

Safety Is A Priority

This program exclusively uses HOYA Phoenix (Trivex) lenses, the tough, light, clear choice for young children’s busy lifestyles.